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Solutions for Real Life Software Hassles
Happiness is doing things you didn't know you could do. When it comes to your email, Microsoft Outlook® is a great place to start - but even Outlook isn't perfect. Our tools increase your efficiency and give you control you didn't know you could have over your email.
Our Outlook Productivity Tools:
ArchiveAssist for Outlook
If messages you expect to see in an archive aren't there, most likely Outlook gave them Modified Dates disqualifying them from inclusion. ArchiveAssist gives control over the archiving process back to you!
- Only way to edit Modified Dates
- Edit message dates across folders
- Delete messages across folders
- Select messages by date range
Learn all about ArchiveAssist here.
Download for only $29.00
MessageTree for Outlook      
Create archives of your Outlook messages outside of Outlook for easy access through programs which read text or html files. Save all messages or easily select which to include. Optimize Outlook's performance!
- Recreate Outlook's folder structure
- Save messages as .txt, .msg or .html
- Customize filenames for messages
- Option to print or delete messages
Learn all about MessageTree here.
Download for only $25.00
DeleteByDate for Outlook
In one step delete messages by date, or by a range of dates, from all Outlook folders at once, or from only those folders you select. Reduce clutter and control the size of .pst files to optimize Outlook's performance.
- 1 step instead of Outlook's 10 steps
- Delete messages across folders
- Select messages by date range
- One-click access to all messages
Learn all about DeleteByDate here.
Download for only $19.00
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